International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT)

Dato' Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi,

Dato' Seri Abdullah Haji
Ahmad Badawi,

Malaysia's Prime Minister
Chairman of IMPACT's International Advisory Board,

The International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT) is an international public - private initiative dedicated to enhancing the global community’s capacity to prevent, defend and respond to cyber threats.

In May 2008, the ITU was invited to become a member of the IMPACT Advisory Board. In November 2008, this collaboration came to fruition, with IMPACT’s headquarters in Cyberjaya, Malaysia formally becoming the GCA’s operational, physical, state-of-the-art home.

The ITU maintains a ‘virtual showcase’ in Geneva of the early warning system, crisis management and real-time analysis of global cyber-threats. All IMPACT-based initiatives provide services in the five work areas of the GCA

The close synergies between the five work areas of the GCA and the services and infrastructure provided by IMPACT made a joint-partnership a logical step in the global fight against cyberthreats, cybercrime and other misuses of ICTs.

ITU has significant experience in national capacity-building in cybersecurity and information infrastructure protection and can draw on an extensive network of leading cybersecurity authorities.

IMPACT Global Reponse Centre (GRC)

As part of the ITU’s collaboration with the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT), the Global Response Centre (GRC) plays a pivotal role in realizing the GCA objective of putting technical measures in place to combat new and evolving cyber-threats.

The two prime highlights of the GRC are NEWS (Network Early Warning System) and ESCAPE (Electronically Secure Collaboration Application Platform for Experts). The GRC is designed to be the foremost cyber threat resource centre in the world.

IMPACT Security Assurance Division

In partnership with leading ICT experts, IMPACT aggregates and develops global best practice guidelines, creating an international benchmark that is especially relevant for governments. This division conducts, upon request, independent ICT security audits on government agencies or critical infrastructure companies, thereby ensuring that these organizations subscribe to the highest security standards. The Security Assurance Division functions as an independent, internationally-recognized, voluntary certification body for cybersecurity.

IMPACT Training and Skills Development Centre

In collaboration with leading ICT companies and institutions, IMPACT conducts high-level briefings for the benefit of representatives of ITU Member States. Many of IMPACT’s key partners have made available their respective Chief Technical Officers, Chief Research Officers and other experts in a unique high-level IMPACT programme to keep governments abreast of present and future cyber threats. The ITU contributes its experience in capacity-building and developing frameworks for policy response to this programme. Such high-level, cross-industry briefings give ITU Member States invaluable exposure and privileged private sector insight about the latest trends, potential threats and emerging technologies.

IMPACT Research Division

The focus of the Research Division is to direct academic attention, including from universities and research institutes, to areas of concern that may not currently be adequately addressed. This includes research into new areas, as well as specialized niche areas. With a small user base, niche technologies may not be commercially viable for industry-oriented solutions, making governments or organizations using such technologies vulnerable to threats. IMPACT is committed to making facilities available and encouraging joint research efforts to address these specific areas of concern. In collaboration with the ITU, IMPACT is making its research network available for the benefit of interested ITU Member States. Besides the academic network, IMPACT global headquarters provides ITU membership with access to specialized ICT laboratories, specialized equipment, resource centre and other facilities.


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